ANDEX aims to understand, model, and predict the dynamics of the water and energy cycles over the Andes cordillera, which run from 10ºN to 53ºS and cross Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Chile, and Argentina. More than 60 million inhabitants rely directly on the water resources provided by the Andes. At the same time they are also exposed to a suite of natural hazards imposed by such impressive geography and climate, ranging from very humid conditions near the equator and western Patagonia to the hyper arid conditions in the subtropics. The Andes also face enormous challenges from human encroachment, urbanization, climate variability, climate change, land use changes, and massive deforestation.

On the previous basis, we have identified four science themes and two cross-cutting themes

  • Climate patterns and drivers
  • Climate and environmental (LULC) changes
  • High impact events
  • Andean cryosphere
  • Observations, data and modeling
  • Science underpinning sustainable development

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