GDAP Current Projects

With a focus on establishing consistency, GDAP oversees a number of assessments of key parameters related to Earth’s energy and water cycles as well as the development of a GEWEX Integrated Product that incorporates several previously supported energy and water flux datasets into a long-term product on a common grid for energy and water cycle closure studies GDAP also sponsors ground-based observing networks that provide high-quality, calibrated, observations for evaluating satellite data sets.


Narrative on integrated product (Kummerow). This is the only global/satellite data product currently supported by GDAP.


International Satellite Cloud Climatology Project – Next Generation (ISCCP-NG)

GDAP is also coordinating the formation of a new international effort to advance the next-generation International Satellite Cloud Climatology Project (ISCCP). The goal of the ISCCP-NG effort will be to maintain continuity of the ISCCP while developing new global cloud products that exploit the increased spatial and temporal resolution, spectral diversity, and improved calibration afforded by advanced geostationary imagers to support new research and applications.


Guide to Conducting Data Set Quality Assessments
Data Set Quality Assessments: Needs, Benefits, Best Practices and Governance – December 2015

This document addresses the need for systematic assessments of the quality of data sets used in various applications such as climate services and climate science, including their use in the evaluation of climate model performance.
Enhance this document, emphasize outcomes include DATABASE Link to the Cloud, water vapor and precipitation database

Ongoing Assessments

  • Cloud Assessment Phase II
    Chairs: Claudia Stubenrauch 
(2006 – Present) and 

Stefan Kinne 
(2008 – Present)
    Assessing the reliability of global, long-term cloud data sets.
    For more information see also the Cloud Assessment website.
  • Water Vapor Phase II
    Chairs: Marc Schröder and Lei Shi
    Quantifying the state of the art in water vapor products being constructed for climate applications.
    For more information see also the GEWEX Water Vapor Assessment (GVAP) website.
  • Global Precipitation Products
    Leads: Z. Haddad and R. Roca
    A joint project of the (CGMS-IPWG) and of GEWEX toward a Broad Scope Assessment of Global Precipitation Products.
    For more information click here.

New Integrated Assessments

  • the Earths Energy Imbalance (EEI)
    Following the organization of the EEI meeting in Toulouse the idea was triggered to run an EEI assessment.
  • Land Surface