SSG and Panel Reports

Each year, GEWEX’s guiding body, the Scientific Steering Group (SSG), holds a meeting to review the progress GEWEX has made. To help this assessment along, each of the four GEWEX Panels submits a report to the SSG detailing its activities and updating the developments its projects have made in the past year. After the meeting, the SSG puts together the results for an annual report, accessible below.

Some Panels produce other material aside from their yearly SSG contributions, submitting articles for publication in scholarly journals and producing assessment reports. Items like this are listed in each Panel’s section below.

SSG Reports

These are the annual SSG Reports, containing reviews of the year’s activities and actions for the coming year.

SSG-32 Report, 2020
SSG-31 Report, 2019
SSG-30 Report, 2018
SSG-29 Report, 2017
SSG-28 Report, 2016

SSG-27 Report, 2015

SSG-26 Report, 2013
SSG-25 Report, 2012
SSG-24 Report, 2011
SSG-23 Report, 2010
SSG-22 Report, 2009 
SSG-21 Report, 2008 
SSG-20 Report, 2007

Panel Reports

GASS – Global Atmospheric System Studies Panel

GDAP – GEWEX Data and Analysis Panel

GHP – GEWEX Hydroclimatology Panel

GLASS – Global Land/Atmosphere System Study Panel

GEWEX Modeling and Prediction Panel, GMPP (Dissolved in 2010)

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