GEWEX promotes the science of the global water and energy cycles through assessments of data, outreach, and capacity building. These three areas allow GEWEX to build the community of scientists studying the roles of energy and water in the climate, which in turn fills gaps in our understanding of the climate’s future evolution.


GEWEX coordinates the assessment of parameters that are related to the global water and energy balance. These assessments point out both strengths and weaknesses of data sets that are gathered over many years of observation, usually by comparing these long term sets to shorter-term, higher-quality data sets. The assessments are used to create databases to check future data against, providing consistent information to the user community.

Capacity Building

One of GEWEX’s goals as it moves forward is to foster capacity building through the training of scientists and outreach to the community that uses the information GEWEX helps to produce.


GEWEX brings in the next generation of researchers through its outreach projects, engaging scientists at the beginning of their careers through workshops and other events.