GHP Regional Hydroclimate Projects (RHPs)

RHPs are generally large, regionally-focused multidisciplinary projects that aim to improve the understanding and prediction of that region’s weather, climate, and hydrology. All RHPs address the physical processes surrounding water and energy exchanges within a region, thus addressing the GEWEX Science Questions. Most RHPs are broader than this, often addressing questions related to the biosphere and carbon cycle, human interaction in the landscape, and even socio-economic factors.

In order for a new project to be recognized as an RHP, it must satisfy the RHP criteria. Examples of documentation for past and present RHPs can be found in the RHP Library.

Current RHPs


Initiating and Prospective RHPs 

The potential RHPs below are at various stages of development. If you are interested in getting involved with one, please contact the International GEWEX Project Office.


Completed RHPs

Several RHPs have been completed. These RHPs have left legacy data sets and knowledge that is often still accessible through their websites. A more detailed account of completed RHP plans, documentation, and articles can be found in the RHP library.


Former RHPs


RHP Library

The RHP Library contains proposals, white books, science plans, and other documentation for some of the past and present RHPs.

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