A Regional Hydroclimate Initiative for the Andes


The ANDEX foundation meeting in December 2017, has been attended by a group of seven scientists from Andean countries working in climate and hydrology of this mountain range, plus two representatives from GEWEX:

  • German Poveda; Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Medellin – Colombia
  • René Garreaud, Universidad de Chile, Santiago – Chile
  • Paola Arias; Universidad de Antioquia, Medellin – Colombia
  • Jhan Carlo Espinoza; Institut de Recherche pour le Développement, Grenoble – France
  • Jorge Molina; Universidad Mayor San Andrés, La Paz – Bolivia
  • Daniel Pabón; CIIFEN, Guayaquil – Ecuador
  • Silvina Solman; Universidad de Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires – Argentina
  • Joan Cuxart; Universitat de les Illes Balears, Palma – España (co-chair GEWEX GHP Panel)
  • Peter J. van Oevelen; International GEWEX Project Office, Washington DC- USA

At this meeting it has been decided that Germán Poveda and René Garreaud will act as ANDEX first term Co-chairs (2018-2020). Participants recognized the importance of developing a White Book and have distributed the leadership of its nine chapters among the attending scientists, ensuing the participation of two other colleagues:

  • Mariano Masiokas; IANIGLIA, Mendoza – Argentina
  • Rodney Martinez, CIIFEN, Guayaquil – Ecuador

The group of nine lead authors of the white book represent a de-facto steering committee for ANDEX. During 2019 the steering committee will define a Governance to be implemented during 2020 with explicit terms of reference for membership.