GDAP Matured Datasets

Cloud Assessment Phase II
Chairs: Claudia Stubenrauch 
(2006 – 2018) and 

Stefan Kinne 
(2008 – 2018)
Assessing the reliability of global, long-term cloud data sets.
For more information see also the Cloud Assessment website.

Global Precipitation Climatology Project (GPCP)
Chair: Robert Adler
Assessment of 
(May 2008)
GPCP produces ongoing, long-term, globally complete gridded estimates of precipitation. It merges precipitation estimates computed from satellite-based microwave, infrared, and sounding data with analyses of in situ gauge data. Monthly, pentad, and daily data sets are available for time period of 1979-present.
Available products:
World Data Center for 
Meteorology, Asheville
Global Precipitation
Surface Reference 
Data Center

Contact: Dr. Paula Brown

The GEWEX Integrated Product (IP) is the culmination of many GDAP-sponsored data product activities to consolidate the core components of the water and energy cycle into a single consistent dataset on a uniform grid. The IP combines precipitation, clouds, upwelling and downwelling radiative fluxes, turbulent fluxes from GPCP, ISCCP, SRB, LandFlux, and SeaFlux with ancillary surface characteristics, aerosol, and water vapor transports into a single uniform product on a 3 hour, 1 degree equal area grid spanning the 18 year period from 1998 to 2015. While the IP does not ensure consistency in all assumptions across all products, it represents our best effort at synthesizing the diverse products into a coherent set of water and energy parameters.
Available Products:
All data is currently being hosted at Colorado State University and is available via anonymous ftp server at: The data is archived in 3-hourly data files in NetCDF format.


International Satellite Cloud Climatology Project (ISCCP)
Chair: Dr. George Tselioudis (2017-present)
ISCCP produces a continuous global data set of the Earth’s radiance using cloud radiance data from geostationary and polar orbiting weather satellites.
Available products: NASA/GISS Archive

Chair: Carol Anne Clayson
SeaFlux produces a high-resolution satellite-based data set of surface turbulent fluxes over the global oceans.
Available products: SeaFlux Data

Surface Radiation Budget Project (SRB)
Chair: Paul Stackhouse
SRB produces a multi-decadal global data set of the Earth’s radiation budget (shortwave and longwave) using ISCCP data, other GEWEX ancillary products and radiative transfer models.
Available products: NASA GEWEX Surface Radiation Budget Data

International GEWEX Project Office
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4400 University Drive
Fairfax, VA 22030 USA

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