GDAP Matured Datasets

Global Precipitation Climatology Project (GPCP)
Chair: Robert Adler
Assessment of 
(May 2008)
GPCP produces ongoing, long-term, globally complete gridded estimates of precipitation. It merges precipitation estimates computed from satellite-based microwave, infrared, and sounding data with analyses of in situ gauge data. Monthly, pentad, and daily data sets are available for time period of 1979-present.
Available products:
World Data Center for 
Meteorology, Asheville
Global Precipitation
Surface Reference 
Data Center

International Satellite Cloud Climatology Project (ISCCP)
Chair: Dr. George Tselioudis (2017-present)
ISCCP produces a continuous global data set of the Earth’s radiance using cloud radiance data from geostationary and polar orbiting weather satellites.
Available products: NASA/GISS Archive

Chair: Carol Anne Clayson
SeaFlux produces a high-resolution satellite-based data set of surface turbulent fluxes over the global oceans.
Available products: SeaFlux Data

Surface Radiation Budget Project (SRB)
Chair: Paul Stackhouse
SRB produces a multi-decadal global data set of the Earth’s radiation budget (shortwave and longwave) using ISCCP data, other GEWEX ancillary products and radiative transfer models.
Available products: NASA GEWEX Surface Radiation Budget Data