Recent Assessments

Joint IPWG-GDAP Precipitation Assessment – June 2021

This comprehensive report reviews the current state of precipitation products, and includes assessments of sub-daily global satellite precipitation products, discussions of various climate applications of precipitation products, and deliberations on emerging directions and the future of precipitation products.

Chairs: Rémy Roca and Ziad Haddad

Precipitation Assessment Report – May 2008

Evaluating the reliability of available, global, long-term precipitation data products in depicting the variations of precipitation at larger-than-weather scales with a special emphasis on the GPCP product.

Chairs: Arnold Gruber and Vincenzo Levizzani

Cloud Assessment Report – Nov. 2012

Assessing the reliability of global, long-term cloud data sets. See also the Cloud Assessment website.

Chairs: Claudia Stubenrauch 
(2006 – Present) and 

Stefan Kinne 
(2008 – Present)

Radiative Flux Assessment – Dec. 2012

Providing a forum for consistent analysis of long-term radiative flux products, primarily top-of-atmosphere and surface fluxes, to establish a foundation for better global radiation budget analysis.

Chair: Paul Stackhouse
 (2004 – Present)

Ongoing Assessments

Aerosol Assessment

Assessing the quality and compatibility of global aerosol products with a focus on the Global Aerosol Climatology Project (GACP).

Chairs: Sundar Christopher
 (2008 – Present) and 

Jeffrey Reid
 (2008 – Present)

Water Vapor Assessment

Quantifying the state of the art in water vapor products being constructed for climate applications.