GHP Crosscutting Projects (CCs)

Crosscutting Projects within GHP are focused activities that address specific science questions. Through CCs, GHP achieves a number of objectives: it addresses the GEWEX Science Questions; evaluates and applies the knowledge developed in RHPs; keeps completed RHPs involved; generates interactions between RHPs; and provides a tool for collaboration with other GEWEX Panels and WCRP activities.

CCs also provide a way for the broader community to get involved in GEWEX and GHP. GHP welcomes proposals from volunteers to lead Crosscutting Projects – only a short proposal to the Panel is needed (Crosscutting Project proposal template). Please contact the GHP Panel Co-Chairs for more information on how to get started.


Current Crosscutting Projects

These projects are currently underway.


Proposed Crosscutting Projects

These projects are currently under development.


Potential Crosscutting Projects

These areas have been designated as desirable for CC activities by GHP. If you would like to lead a project in one of these areas, please contact the GHP co-chairs.


Completed Crosscutting Projects

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