GHP Crosscutting Projects (CCs)

Crosscutting Projects within GHP are focused activities that address specific science questions. Through CCs, GHP achieves a number of objectives: it addresses the GEWEX Science Questions; evaluates and applies the knowledge developed in RHPs; keeps completed RHPs involved; generates interactions between RHPs; and provides a tool for collaboration with other GEWEX Panels and WCRP activities.

CCs also provide a way for the broader community to get involved in GEWEX and GHP. GHP welcomes proposals from volunteers to lead Crosscutting Projects – only a short proposal to the Panel is needed (Crosscutting Project proposal template). Please contact the GHP Panel Co-Chairs for more information on how to get started.


Current Crosscutting Projects

These projects are currently underway.

  • Mountain snow and ice hydrology and atmospheric interactions (the International Network for Alpine Catchment Hydrology, INARCH)
  • Multi-scale transport and exchange processes in the atmosphere over mountains – programme and experiment (TEAMx)


Proposed Crosscutting Projects

These projects are currently under development.

  • Determining Evapotranspiration (ET CC)
  • Human Regulation of the Water Cycle (HRWC)
  • Floods
  • Alpine precipitation (MOUNTerrain)


Potential Crosscutting Projects

These areas have been designated as desirable for CC activities by GHP. If you would like to lead a project in one of these areas, please contact the GHP co-chairs.

  • Regional evaluation of GDAP’s integrated product
  • Seasonal hydrologic prediction


Completed Crosscutting Projects

  • Cold/Shoulder Season Precipitation Near 0ºC project
  • The International Network for Alpine Catchment Hydrology Phase I, 2015 –2020 (INARCH)
  • Sub-daily precipitation (INTENSE)