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Give Your Input on the Future Earth System Predictability R&D Activities of U.S. Federal Agencies

The National Science and Technology Council’s (NSTC’s) Fast Track Action Committee for Earth System Predictability (ESP-FTAC) wants your input on the future Earth system predictability research and development (R&D) activities of U.S. federal agencies, as well as their partnerships with the external community.
The request for information asks for needs that could be addressed by this Earth system predictability research effort, its potential socioeconomic benefits, current gaps and barriers slowing progress, and opportunities for key activities, including transformative “big ideas” to improve understanding of Earth system predictability.
Responses are due May 15th, 2020.

Latest Issue of GEWEX Quarterly Online

Check out the latest issue of GEWEX Quarterly (formerly GEWEX News), featuring articles on a variety of topics:
  • The GEWEX Land-Atmosphere Feedback Observatory (GLAFO): a proposal for advanced L-A process observation sites to develop state-of-the-art model systems
  • A new ensemble of high-resolution climate change simulations from CORDEX CORE provides regional climate change data for the world’s major inhabited areas
  • The Latsis Symposium brings together climate modelers and computer scientists to work on development of global kilometer-scale modeling capabilities
  • Using multi-perspective Process Evaluation Studies in GEWEX to solve complex problems like evaporation

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Submit to Journal of Climate Special Collection on Earth’s Energy Imbalance and Its Implications

Submit an article to the new Journal of Climate special collection, “The Earth’s energy imbalance and its implications.” Submissions for the special collection should consider observations and modeling of all aspects of Earth’s energy imbalance and the resultant heating of various components of the Earth system (ocean, land, atmosphere and cryosphere). Authors are reminded that the IPCC AR6 has a deadline of 31st December 2019 for papers to be eligible for citation in the Working Group I report, but the collection itself will continue to accept submissions during 2020. For guidelines and information on sending your contribution, visit

New GEWEX-WGNE Model Comparison Study on Orographic Processes

Read about the new model comparison activity on orographic processes, operating under the framework of GEWEX’s Global Atmospheric System Studies (GASS) Panel and the Working Group on Numerical Experimentation (WGNE), at…/complex-mountains-and-their-effects…. COORDE is based on a study by Annelize van Niekerk, Irina Sandu, and Simon Vesper, and will look at the differences in orographic drag parametrizations across models. If you’d like to participate, contact Annelize van Niekerk or Irina Sandu.

The International Soil Modeling Consortium (ISMC) CROSS panel is searching for participants from the GEWEX community. The CROSS scientific panel develops and evaluates interdisciplinary concepts where healthy soil function plays a crucial role through collaboration with several scientific disciplines, bridging environmental science and socio-cultural approaches. CROSS aims to impact both science and society by innovation through its focus on soil science and its applicability to other fields. CROSS aims to realize this by: 1) acting as an exchange platform with other international panels like AGMIP and GEWEX-SoilWat; 2) defining a common vocabulary between scientific (sub)disciplines in order to develop exchange protocols; 3) establishing the conceptual bases needed to promote exchanges with other disciplines (climate research, hydrology, biology, and geology and the socio-economic sciences); 4) publishing papers in journals relevant to stress the importance of soil modeling for tackling key issues; 5) setting up multi-disciplinary working teams in grant proposals, such as H2020; and 6) advertising the existence of this panel at international meetings. If the CROSS panel and its aims appeal to you and you would like to participate, please email and/or

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