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Presentations from SSG-29 Now Available

Presentations given during the 29th session of our Scientific Steering Group can be viewed at Updates on the last year’s activities from our Panels, plus talks on new and planned Chinese satellite missions measuring everything from carbon dioxide to water cycle observations, are linked to on the agenda.

Frontiers in Ocean-Atmosphere Exchange: Air Sea Interface and Fluxes of Mass and Energy

Dates: 15-18 May 2017
Location: Institut d’Études Scientifiques de Cargèse, Corsica
Abstract Deadline: 15 March 2017

This workshop aims to come to a mechanistic understanding of the processes affecting exchange of mass and energy across the air-sea interface from nano-to-global scales. The abstract submission deadline is 15 March 2017, and topics include developments in air-sea flux observations, translating upper ocean turbulence observations into parameterisations and models, and more.

Workshop on the Future of Cumulus Parametrization

Dates: 10-14th July 2017
Location: Delft University of Technology, the Netherlands
Abstract Deadline: 31 March 2017

The purpose of this workshop is to discuss progress, challenges, and future directions of the representation of atmospheric convection in weather and climate models. More

2017 CFMIP Meeting on Clouds, Precipitation, Circulation, and Climate Sensitivity

Dates: 25-28 September 2017
Location: University of Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan
Abstract Deadline: 30 April 2017

This CFMIP international meeting will focus on the theme of the WCRP Grand Challenge on Clouds, Circulation and Climate Sensitivity, in addition to addressing other ongoing CFMIP activities. Topics for oral and poster sessions include:

  • Modeling and observational constraints on cloud feedbacks, adjustments, and climate sensitivity
  • Cloud/circulation/precipitation coupling and its variability in present and future climates
  • More

Piers Sellers: A Legacy of Science

Astronaut, climate researcher, and GEWEX scientist Piers Sellers passed away on December 23, 2016. His warmth, wit, and optimism will be missed, and we hope to carry on his legacy of hope through research.

Clouds, Their Properties, and Their Climate Feedbacks: What Have We Learned in the Satellite Era?

A symposium to celebrate William B. Rossow’s science contributions and retirement

Dates: June 6-8, 2017
Location: Columbia University, New York, New York

NASA/GISS, CCNY/CREST, and Columbia University are organizing a scientific symposium with the overall theme of “Clouds, their Properties, and their Climate Feedbacks.” The motivation for the symposium is the recent retirement of William B. Rossow, after 40 years of exceptional contributions in a wide range of planetary and atmospheric science fields. The objective of the symposium is to stimulate discussion on the progress made over the past decades in understanding cloud properties, processes, and feedbacks, and to explore strategies to tackle the issues that remain unresolved.

The International Soil Modeling Consortium (ISMC) CROSS panel is searching for participants from the GEWEX community. The CROSS scientific panel develops and evaluates interdisciplinary concepts where healthy soil function plays a crucial role through collaboration with several scientific disciplines, bridging environmental science and socio-cultural approaches. CROSS aims to impact both science and society by innovation through its focus on soil science and its applicability to other fields. CROSS aims to realize this by: 1) acting as an exchange platform with other international panels like AGMIP and GEWEX-SoilWat; 2) defining a common vocabulary between scientific (sub)disciplines in order to develop exchange protocols; 3) establishing the conceptual bases needed to promote exchanges with other disciplines (climate research, hydrology, biology, and geology and the socio-economic sciences); 4) publishing papers in journals relevant to stress the importance of soil modeling for tackling key issues; 5) setting up multi-disciplinary working teams in grant proposals, such as H2020; and 6) advertising the existence of this panel at international meetings. If the CROSS panel and its aims appeal to you and you would like to participate, please email and/or

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