ANDEX is a hydroclimate research program for the Andes and a prospective GEWEX Regional Hydroclimate Project (RHP).

The Andes runs from Venezuela (∼10°N) to the southern tip of the continent (∼53°S), thus encompassing a rich variety of mountain climates, from very humid conditions near the equator and over western Patagonia to the hyper arid conditions in the subtropics. The Andes provides ecosystem services, starting with the provision of fresh water to near 80 million people in seven countries (Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Chile and Argentina), and at the same time sets the stage for the occurrence of disasters from hydrometeorological extreme events.

The ANDEX hydroclimate research program, is a major challenge as it aims at improving our understanding and prediction of, climate, and hydrology along the Andes cordillera. In doing so, ANDEX will integrate atmospheric and hydrologic models, and assimilate local and remotely sensed data products. From the beginning, the scientific advances of ANDEX will be transferred to operational centers, decision-makers and the society in general.

A small initial planning workshop was held in Medellin, Colombia in early December of 2017 under the auspices of GEWEX and WCRP to explore the viability and steps forward to implement ANDEX-RHP. Germán Poveda (Universidad Nacional de Colombia) and René Garreaud (Universidad de Chile) act as ANDEX first term Co- chairs (2018-2020). After the Medellin meeting a group of researchers began elaborate a “White Book” that collect the communities understanding, scientific gaps as well as interest of this region. A follow up workshop is planned for October 22 – 26, 2018 in Santiago.



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