GDAP Projects (DRAFT)

Global long-term products of water and energy parameters are available under individual project links.

Baseline Surface Radiation Network (BSRN)

Chair: Christian Lanconelli (2018-present)
Station, Project, and Staff Directory

BSRN provides highly accurate worldwide radiative flux measurements to validate satellite-based measurements. Develop instrument requirements, establish BSRN reference stations worldwide, and assemble a database.

Available products: World Radiation Monitoring Center (WRMC) Archive

Global Precipitation Climatology Project (GPCP)

Chair: Robert Adler
Assessment of 
(May 2008)

GPCP produces ongoing, long-term, globally complete gridded estimates of precipitation. It merges precipitation estimates computed from satellite-based microwave, infrared, and sounding data with analyses of in situ gauge data. Monthly, pentad, and daily data sets are available for time period of 1979-present.

Available products:
World Data Center for 
Meteorology, Asheville
Global Precipitation
Analysis (NASA/GSFC)
Surface Reference 
Data Center

International Satellite Cloud Climatology Project (ISCCP)

Chair: Dr. George Tselioudis (2017-present)

ISCCP produces a continuous global data set of the Earth’s radiance using cloud radiance data from geostationary and polar orbiting weather satellites.

Available products: NASA/GISS Archive


Chair: Carol Anne Clayson

SeaFlux produces a high-resolution satellite-based data set of surface turbulent fluxes over the global oceans.

Available products: SeaFlux Data

Surface Radiation Budget Project (SRB)

Chair: Paul Stackhouse (1997-present)

SRB produced a 10-year global data set of the Earth’s radiation budget (shortwave and longwave) using ISCCP data and radiative transfer models.

Available products: NASA/LaRC Archive

Finished Projects

Continuous Intercomparison of Radiation Codes (CIRC)

Co-Chairs: Lazaros Oreopoulos and Eli Mlawer

CIRC is intended as an evolving and regularly updated reference source for evaluation against “line-by-line” standards of radiative transfer codes used in Global Climate Models and other atmospheric applications. CIRC differs from previous intercomparisons in that it relies on an observationally validated catalogue of cases. It is currently completing Phase I.

Global Aerosol Climatology Project (GACP)

Chair: Michael Mishchenko

GACP produced a 20-year climatology of aerosol forcing data from satellite observations and field observations for use in climate models.

Available products: NASA/GISS Archive

Intercomparison of 3-D Radiation Codes (ICR3)

Chair: Robert Cahalan

ICR3 compares the performance of these 3-D RT codes used in a variety of current scientific work in the atmospheric sciences.

Available products: Cases


Chairs: Carlos Jimenez and Matthew McCabe

LandFlux produces a high-resolution satellite-based data set of land-surface turbulent fluxes of heat and water.

Available products:
LandFlux data
Multi-year global merged benchmark synthesis product of evapotranspiration

Radiation Transfer Model Intercomparison (RAMI)

Chair: Jean-Luc Widlowski

RAMI systematically compares canopy radiative transfer models under controlled experimental conditions, generation of reference solutions for shortwave radiative quantities in 1D and 3D vegetation > canopies.

Available products: RAMI Online Model Checker