Mountains and high-elevation topography play a critical role in regional weather and climate, and help shape the circulation of the global atmosphere. Precipitation over mountainous terrain is important to the cryosphere and to water resources and their seasonality in many parts of the world. Extreme precipitation in mountainous regions is also a considerable threat: intense storms can trigger landslides, avalanches and flooding. By its nature, mountain precipitation is difficult to monitor and to model. The GEWEX Crosscutting Project MOUNTerrain seeks to improve our understanding of precipitation in mountainous and high-elevation regions.

Steering Group

  • James Renwick, Chair
  • German Povedá
  • Ali Behrangi
  • Daniel Kirshbaum
  • Daqing Yang
  • Christian Zammit


  • MOUNTerrain-related session at the Australian Met/Ocean Society Conference, Canberra, Australia, February 2017
  • Recap of MounTERRAIN Session at Fall 2015 AGU Meeting