Impact of Initialized Land Temperature and Snowpack on Sub-Seasonal to Seasonal Prediction Phase II
Co-Chairs: Yongkang XueAaron BooneTandong Yao

After the completion of the LS4P Phase I , which focused on the impact of the Tibetan Plateau land surface temperature/subsurface temperature (LST/SUBT) on the subseasonal to seasonal (S2S) precipitation prediction, the LS4P Phase II will focus on the Rocky Mountain LST/SUBT effect on S2S prediction and the interaction between Tibetan Plateau Index (TPI) and Rocky Mountain Index (RMI).

This project (LS4P-II) intends to address two questions:

  • Where are the hot spot regions of the surface temperature anomaly in the western US, mainly in the Rocky Mountain region, in the S2S prediction? How do the RMI and TPI synergistically affect global S2S predictability.
  • What is the relative role and uncertainties in the LST/SUBT processes versus in SST in S2S prediction?  How do they synergistically affect global S2S predictability?

More detailed information on participants and participation, timeline, stages, publication, etc., can be found here.