LoCo Working Group

The LoCo effort in GLASS is currently organized around a working group comprised of both panel and non-panel members. LoCo has led the development of a suite of L-A coupling diagnostics and applications to models across a range of scales. In turn, they are actively involved in developing and augmenting field campaigns to support L-A research and identify future observational needs. The LoCo WG has galvanized the young scientist community, and in turn has led to a productive scientific publication record. LoCo metrics are currently being synthesized and will be soon made available to the community in the form of a ‘software toolkit’ to allow broader exposure/use of these techniques with documentation.

Current Working Group Members: 

Joseph Santanello (lead)
Alexis Berg
Paul Dirmeyer
Michael Ek
Craig Ferguson
Kirsten Findell
Pierre Gentine
Benoit Guillod
Patricia Lawston
Benjamin Lintner
Joshua Roundy
Ahmed Tawfik
Merja Tölle
Chiel van Heerwaarden
Ian N. Williams
Volker Wulfmeyer
Yunyan Zhang