Inter- and transdisciplinary mountain data across Central Asia: Identifying user requirements and access preferences

October 28, 2021 @ 09:00 – 11:30

This workshop will seek to develop a broad, interdisciplinary, and systematic understanding of the current “data situation” across a range of relevant disciplines in the Central Asian region.

Following two introductory presentations, the principal objective of the workshop will be addressed initially via open discussion. The following questions are of particular interest:

  1. what requirements do users of mountain data have with respect to online database(s)/portal(s) through which mountain data is made searchable and downloadable?,
  2. which organizations and institutions are major providers of relevant data in the region?,
  3. what disciplines / regions currently benefit from a good or satisfactory coverage and availability of data (i.e. examples of good practice)? and,
  4. what are the major gaps in terms of data discoverability, accessibility, and usability that are currently experienced by data users?
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