GEWEX Integrated Product Workshop

April 11, 2023 – April 13, 2023 all-day
Universidad de Castilla – La Mancha

The evaluation of climate data records related to water and energy fluxes are often complicated by assumptions in satellite algorithms that lead to state dependent errors. These errors are notoriously difficult to quantify as their dependence on state variables is rarely understood. This GEWEX sponsored workshop will attempt to make progress in one area by focusing on the consistency, closure and the underlying processes from both a satellite and a land model perspective. The workshop is thus intended not simply the components of the terrestrial water cycle, but how consistent it is as a function of state variables, including soil moisture, LST, turbulent fluxes, the boundary layer, and precipitation processes. While the ultimate objectives are global, the focus will be on using well instrumented ground based sites such as the ARM facility in Oklahoma as well as GHP sites to guide the assessment and provide the additional high resolution physical information needed to develop a fuller understanding of the relevant processes. In addition to GEWEX, this workshop should be of interest to the International Precipitation- and Surface Working Groups sponsored by CGMS.

A letter to funding agencies advising them of potential new fruitful research related to integrated land surface-atmosphere process studies.

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