2019 CFMIP Meeting on Clouds, Precipitation, Circulation and Climate Sensitivity

September 30, 2019 – October 4, 2019 all-day
St. John Hotel

This CFMIP international meeting will focus on the theme of the WCRP Grand Challenge on Clouds, Circulation and Climate Sensitivity, will foster collaboration with the GEWEX GASS and CLIVAR CDP programs, and will address all other ongoing CFMIP activities, including CFMIP-sponsored Model Intercomparison Projects (MIPS) and experiments.

The five-day meeting will contain oral and poster sessions on:
Assessment of cloud feedbacks, adjustments, and climate sensitivity, with emphasis on analyses of CMIP6/CFMIP3 experiments and observations.
Role of cloud/radiation/precipitation/circulation coupling in large scale atmosphere/ocean dynamics (e.g. ITCZ, storm tracks, SST patterns) and the planetary energy balance.
Process based analyses of cloud structures and cloud controlling processes using GCMs, fine scale models, idealized experiments, and observations.
Role of the organization of cloud systems in climate: results from RCEMIP experiments and observations
In order to submit an abstract, please visit the conference web site at:


The deadline for abstract submission is May 24, 2019.