Global cloud resolving models
Contact: Daniel Klocke

The initiative DYAMOND (DYnamics of the Atmospheric general circulation Modeled On Non-hydrostatic Domains) sets up a framework for the intercomparison of global storm-resolving models, i.e. an emerging class of atmospheric circulation models. Through their explicit resolution of the major modes of atmospheric heat transport, they endeavor to represent the most important scales of the full three-dimensional fluid dynamics of the atmospheric circulation.

Up to now, two experimental phases have been implemented: the DYAMOND Summer simulations covering a boreal summer period and the second phase, DYAMOND Winter, covering a boreal winter period. The second phase also included coupled atmosphere-ocean models. New experimental protocols are being developed to further understand and develop this new class of models for their application to climate questions. Through the explicit simulation of more physical processes in the earth system, processes and interactions across scales can provide the basis for better understanding the climate system and its response to changes in its driving factors.

Earth as seen by the participating models of the second phase of DYAMOND on the 22. Jan 2022 16 UTC (40 hours after initialization)