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Ways to Get Involved in GEWEX

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The International GEWEX Project Office (IGPO) produces GEWEX Quarterly, a quarterly newsletter to disseminate information related to GEWEX activities, including scientific research results, new data sets, and reports of workshops and meetings. To receive a notification when GEWEX Quarterly is published online, sign up for our E-News email list below.

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Authors of GEWEX Quarterly benefit from a readership of two thousand active climate scientists. For information about submitting an article, refer to the guidelines under “Submit an Article to GEWEX Quarterly.”

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IGPO sends out monthly e-mailed updates on items of interest to the GEWEX community that are time sensitive, including calls for papers, research and position announcements, new data sets, and upcoming meetings. Sign up to receive E-News below or by sending an email to with “Sign Up for E-News” as the subject.

Become a Panel or Project Member

GEWEX projects are grouped by research focus into the following categories.

The activities under each category are coordinated and guided by the four panels below.

  1. GEWEX Data and Assessments Panel (GDAP)
  2. GEWEX Hydroclimatology Panel (GHP)
  3. Global Land/Atmosphere System Study (GLASS)
  4. GEWEX Atmospheric System Studies (GASS)

GEWEX seeks qualified individuals to serve on its Panels and projects. These groups formulate goals and required strategies, initiate and coordinate activities, and work with agencies and other international partners to advance the progress of understanding the dynamics and thermodynamics of the atmosphere and interactions with the Earth’s surface, particularly with regard to addressing relevant goals of the World Climate Research Programme (WCRP). Qualified individuals are expected to represent the broader interests of the research community, be willing and able to engage in scientific as well as programmatic discussions leading to the activities of the particular group, and work with other members of the GEWEX organization.

GEWEX Panels and projects meet annually at different locations and members are expected to attend these meetings. Additional meetings are possible, particularly with respect to task teams under the Panel’s guidance. However, most Panel activity is carried out via emails and teleconferences. Each Panel has a chair or two co-chairs and one of these attends the GEWEX Scientific Steering Group’s annual meeting.

To be considered for membership in one of the four GEWEX Panels, please complete and submit our (Self-) Nomination Form and upload a two-page vitae.

Membership changes typically occur annually, although not for every Panel. Except occasionally, there are no specific dates for submission of applications for membership. Thus, your submissions will be kept on file until an opening becomes available.

If you are interested in leading a new project within one of the GEWEX Panels, please contact the Panel’s Chair or Co-Chairs and copy If you wish to become a member of an existing project, please contact the project’s leader(s) and copy

Serve on the GEWEX Scientific Steering Group

GEWEX invites new member nominations for its Scientific Steering Group (SSG). With the scientific guidance of the WCRP Joint Scientific Committee (JSC), the GEWEX SSG develops and promotes the GEWEX scientific agenda and oversees the implementation of all GEWEX activities.

Because the mission of GEWEX is to observe and model both the global water cycle and energy fluxes in the atmosphere and at Earth’s surface, candidates should have expertise in those fields. Nominees should also display scientific excellence and a high level of commitment to GEWEX’s goals. The selection of SSG members by the JSC is based on required expertise as well as geographical and gender representation.

Nomination of a candidate and self-nominations for the SSG are welcome. Please complete and submit our (Self-) Nomination Form and upload a two-page vitae.  Questions concerning the SSG nomination process can be sent to Dr. Peter van Oevelen. Final decisions are made by the JSC at its annual meeting.

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