Aim of the Workshop

In the context of CMIP6, several new land modeling initiatives and Model Intercomparison Projects (MIPs) will be conducted within the World Climate Research Program (WCRP). These include the Land Surface, Snow and Soil Moisture MIP (LS3MIP) and the Land Use MIP (LUMIP). This represents the first time that dedicated land climate experiments (with offline land and coupled landatmosphere setups) will be conducted within the CMIP framework. In parallel to this effort, the Intersectoral Impact MIP (ISIMIP) has provided and is presently conducting extensive offline impact model experiments, which share several commonalities with the land models used in Earth System Models. The workshop will provide for the first time an interface between these different communities to foster exchange and develop synergies. Main areas of discussion will include:

  • Overview and discussion of the LS3MIP experiment
  • Overview and discussion of the LUMIP experiment
  • Overview and planning of offline land modeling experiment within CMIP6 (LMIP, within LS3MIP and coordinated with GSWP3, LUMIP, and ISIMIP)
  • Overview and discussion of ISIMIP Phase 2 experiment
  • Discussion of synergies among various existing and planned land modeling projects