VI Convection-Permitting Climate Modelling

August 29, 2023 – August 31, 2023 all-day
Scandic Hotel City

The anchoring theme for the VII Convection Permitting Climate Modelling workshop is “Mountainous regions and high latitudes as climate change hot spots”. The workshops aims:

  1. to communicate advances in Convection-Permitting Climate Modelling (CPCM) and our understanding of fine scale processes; how these influence/are influenced by larger scale features and elucidate how climate change and its impacts are experienced at local scales
  2. to address, and propose solutions to, barriers to continued advancement – such as lack of key earth system or human components
  3. through concrete examples discuss how we can tailor CPCM research in such a way so as to support adaptation efforts, vulnerability & impacts assessments and downstream climate services
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