ESA Water Vapour Climate Change Initiative – 2nd User workshop

October 14, 2024 – October 16, 2024 all-day
Forschungszentrum Jülich

The Water Vapour Climate Change Initiative (WV_cci), is a project of the European Space Agency (ESA) with the overall goal to generate climate data records (CDRs) of atmospheric water vapour for use in climate applications. The project develops, validates, and releases quality-controlled, long-term CDRs of total column water vapour (TCWV) and water vapour profile across troposphere and stratosphere (2D, 3D).

The aim of this second User Workshop is to bring together the broader water vapour community, including those interested in the generation of water vapour CDRs and data users (such as climate modellers and NWP researchers) in order to discuss the most recent scientific applications and challenges in processing and using water vapour CDRs.

Topics of the workshop include:

  • Discuss challenges related to the generation of water vapour CDRs.
  • Show-case climate applications of water vapour CDRs.
  • Collect and update user requirements for atmospheric water vapour.
  • Present and discuss results from climate analysis, climate applications, and process studies using water vapour CDRs.
  • The effect of the Hunga Tonga-Hunga Ha’apai eruption on the stratosphere and resulting impacts on the troposphere.
  • Water vapour in NWP models.

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