Convection-Permitting Climate Modeling School

September 10, 2022 all-day
UBA campus
Buenos Aires

The 1st Climate-Permitting Climate Modelling School is a new initiative dedicated to form and prepare the new members of the climate modelling community at the convection-permitting resolution. It aims to transfer the expertise acquired within this 15 years of experience and to prepare the community for the challenges of the future. The 1st Climate-Permitting Climate Modelling School will take in place after the vi Convection-Permitting Climate Modelling Workshop (viCPCMW).

The program of the school will divided in two blocks.

Theoretical sessions (morning, 3hrs.)

  • Climate simulating at convection-permitting resolution
    Key aspects to take into account when performing CP climate simulations.
  • New paradigms for the CP climate simulation: GPU, C++
    Expose to the new trend on models which are abandoning CPU-Fortran based codes to C++/GPU.
  • Management of new high resolution data-sets
    What has to be taken into account when managing/processing large data-sets as the ones produced by the CP climate runs.

Practical session (afternoon, 3hrs.)
Hands-on exercise on the use of multiple files, which can not be fully upload into memory.

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