International School on satellite Meteorology (ISSM)

September 2, 2024 – September 6, 2024 all-day
Villa Doria d’Angri

The Institute of Atmospheric Sciences and Climate of the National Research Council of Italy (CNR-ISAC) in collaboration with the University of Naples “Parthenope” has organized the International School on Satellite Meteorology (ISSM) “Theory, retrieval Methods, sensor technology and future missions“.

The school will be focused on Satellite Meteorology as the study of the atmospheric, land, and oceanic systems using remotely sensed data from different sensors onboard meteorological satellites. The basic principles of satellite remote sensing of weather features connected to microphysics of clouds and precipitation will be treated, as well as the fundamentals of retrieval methods, satellite imagery interpretation and products for science and operational meteorology. A special focus will be swept to the sensor technology and satellite development, launch, and in-orbit management.

ISMM will cover the following main topics:

  • Radiative Transfer in atmosphere and remote sensing principles
  • Satellite remote sensing of cloud and precipitation: current missions, sensors, spectral ranges
  • Microphysics of clouds and precipitation
  • Thunderstorms, Terrestrial Gamma-ray Flashes (TGF), gamma-ray glows, and related high-energy atmospheric phenomena
  • Satellite Image interpretation and retrieval methods for science and operational meteorology
  • Satellite data in support to the warning/alert systems for severe weather
  • Future satellite missions, sensor technology and satellite development, launch, in-orbit management.

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