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International GEWEX Project Office (IGPO)

Note: New Address and Phone Number

International GEWEX Project Office
10015 Old Columbia Road, Suite E-250
Columbia, MD 21046 USA
Tel: 1-202-527-1827

IGPO Contacts

About IGPO

IGPO plays a significant role in furthering international climate and global change research by fostering the development of GEWEX.  IGPO is the focal point for all GEWEX activities, including coordinating new initiative support and expanding international communications exchange to over 2000 scientists.

IGPO was established by the World Climate Research Programme (WCRP) in 1990 to support the planning of the GEWEX program, coordinate international implementation activities, and facilitate collaboration between the components of GEWEX and other related scientific efforts. IGPO operates as a component of the Joint Planning Staff of the WCRP.

IGPO is hosted by the Universities Space Research Association and is operated by Science and Technology Corporation.  The U.S. National Aeronautics and Space Administration is the primary sponsor of IGPO.