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3-D 3-Dimensional
3DRT 3D Radiative Transfer Working Group
4DDA 4-Dimensional Data Assimilation
4-DVAR 4-Dimensional Variation Assimilation System
AAAS American Association for the Advancement of Science
AAN Asian AWS (Automatic Weather Stations) Network
AAOE Airborne Antarctic Ozone Experiment
AARI Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute
AASE Airborne Arctic Stratospheric Expedition
ABL Atmospheric Boundary Layer
ABRFC Arkansas-Red Basin River Forecast Center
ACARS Aircraft Communication and Recording System
ACC Anthropogenic Climate Change
ACMAD African Center for Meteorological Applications and Development
ACPC Aerosols, Clouds, Precipitation and Climate Initiative (iLEAPS/GEWEX/IGAC)
ACSYS Arctic Climate System Study
ADCP Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler
ADEOS Advanced Earth Observation Satellite
ADM Advanced Dynamics Mission
AERI Atmospherically Emitted Radiance Interferometer
AERONET AErosol RObotic NETwork (NASA)
AEROX Aerosol Optical Depths in Layer
AES Atmospheric Environmental Service
AFGWC Air Force Global Weather Central
AGCMs Atmospheric General Circulation Models
AGU American Geophysical Union
AHPS Advanced Hydrologic Prediction System
AIRS Atmospheric Infrared Sounder
ALMA Assistance for Land-Surface Modelling Activities
AMF ARM (Atmospheric Radiation Measurement) Mobile Facility
AMIP Atmospheric Model Intercomparison Project
AMMA African Monsoon Multidisciplinary Analysis Project
AMOS Australian Meteorological and Oceanographic Society
AMPEX ADEOS-II Mongolian Plateau Experiment for ground truth
AMS American Meteorological Society
AMSR Advanced Microwave Scanning Radiometer
AMSU Advanced Microwave Sounding Unit
AMY Asian Monsoon Year
ANSTO Australian Nuclear Science Technology Organization
AO Announcement of Opportunity
AOC CEOP Advisory and Oversight Committee
AOD Aerosol Optical Depth
AOPC Atmospheric Observation Panel for Climate
AOSIS Alliance of Small Island States
AR Assessment Report
AREAE ARM Enhanced Short-wave Experiment
ARIC Atmosphere Research and Information Centre
ARL Air Resource Laboratory
ARM Atmospheric Radiation Measurement
ARM-CART Atmospheric Radiation Measurement program – Cloud and Radiation Testbed
ASAR Advanced Synthetic Aperture Radar
ASCII American Standard Code for Information Interchange
ASDC Atmospheric Sciences Data Center
ASOS Automated Surface Observing System
ASTER Atmosphere Surface Turbulent Exchange Research
ATMS Advanced Technology Microwave Sounding
ATSR Along Track Scanning Radiometer
AVHRR Advanced Very High Resolution Radiometer
AVIM Atmosphere-Vegetation Interaction Model
AVNIR Advanced Visible and Near Infrared Radiometer
AVRIS Airborne Visible Infrared Imaging Spectrometer
AVSP Aviation Safety Program
AWCI Asian Water Cycle Initiative
AWIPS Advanced Weather Interactive Processing System
AWOS Automated Weather Observing System
AWRP Aviation Weather Research Program
AWS Automatic Weather Station
BAHC Biospheric Aspects of the Hydrological Cycle
BALTEX Baltic Sea Experiment
BASC Board on Atmospheric Sciences and Climate of the National Academies
BASE Beaufort and Arctic Storms Experiment
BASINS Better Assessment Science Integrating point and Nonpoint Source
BATS Biosphere-Atmosphere Transfer Scheme
BBHRP Broadband Heating Rate Profile
BCC Beijing Climate Center
BEST Bare Essential of Surface Transfer
BfG Federal Institute of Hydrology
BFM Biophysical Feedback Module
BGC Biogeochemical Cycle
BLC Boundary Layer Clouds (GCSS)
BMRC Bureau of Meteorology Research Center
BoM Bureau of Meteorology (Australia)
BOMEX Barbados Oceanographic and Meteorological Experiment
BOREAS Boreal Ecosystems-Atmosphere Study
BRDC BALTEX Radar Data Centre
BRDF Bi-directional Reflectance Distribution Function
BSRN Baseline Surface Radiation Network
BUFR Binary Universal Format for data Representation
CAAC Centralized Archiving and Analyzing Center
CAC Climate Analysis Center
CADRE Crop Assessment Data Retrieval and Evaluation
CAGES Canadian GEWEX Enhanced Study
CAIP Consortium of Affiliates for International Programs
CALIPSO Cloud-Aerosol Lidar and Infrared Pathfinder Satellite Observations
CAMP CEOP Asia-Australia Monsoon Project
CAMS Climate Anomaly Monitoring System
CAPE Convective Available Potential Energy
CARE Centre for Atmospheric Research Experiments
CART Cloud and Atmospheric Radiation Testbed
CAS WMO Commission for Atmospheric Sciences
CASE99 Cooperative Atmosphere-Surface Exchange Study - 1999
CASES Cooperative Atmosphere-Surface Exchange Study
CASH Commercial Aviation Sensing Humidity
CATCH Couplage de l’Atmosphere Tropicale et du Cycle Hydrologique
CATHALAC Water Center for the Humid Tropics of Latin America and the Caribbean
CBD Convention on Biological Diversity
CBERS China Brazil Earth Resource Satellite
CCA Canonical Correlation Analysis
CCAD Central American Commission for Environment and Development
CCCN Cloud Condensation Nuclei
CCIW Canadian Centre for Inland Waters
CCRI Climate Change Research Initiative
CCRS Canada Centre for Remote Sensing
CCSP (US) Climate Change Science Program
CDA Central Data Archive
CDAS Climate Data Assimilation System
CDIS Central Data Information Source
CEH Center for Ecology and Hydrology
CENR (US Interagency) Committee on Environment and Natural Resources
CEOP Coordinated Enhanced Observing Period
CEOP Coordinated Energy and Water Cycle Observations Project
CEOS Committee on Earth Observation Satellites
CEOS-SIT CEOS-Strategic Implementation Team
CEReS Center for Environmental Remote Sensing
CERES Clouds and the Earth's Radiant Energy System
CFMIP Cloud Feedback Model Intercomparison Project
CGCR Committee on Global Change Research
CGIAR Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research
CGMS Coordinating Group on Meteorological Satellites
CHASM Chameleon Surface Model
CICS Cooperative Institute for Climate Studies (University of Maryland)
CIRC Continuous Intercomparison of Radiation Codes
CIMS CEOP Inter-Monsoon Model Study
CLASS Canadian Land Surface Scheme
CLASS Cross-chain Loran Atmospheric Sounding System
CLDCLASS Cloud Classification
CLiC Climate and Cryosphere
CLIPS Climate Information and Predictions Services
CLIVAR Climate Variability and Predictability Project
CLM Common Land Model
CMA China Meteorological Organization
CMAP CPC (Climate Prediction Center) Merged Analysis of Precipitation
CMAQ Community Multiscale Air Quality Modeling System
CMC Canadian Meteorological Centre
CMIPS Coupled Model Intercomparison Projects
CNES Centre National d’Etudes Spatiale
COAGMET Colorado Agricultural Meteorology (CSU)
COAMPS Coupled Ocean-Atmosphere Prediction System
COARE Coupled Ocean-Atmosphere Experiment
CODIAC Cooperative Distributed Interactive Atmospheric Catalog
COHS Committee on Hydrologic Sciences of the National Academy of Sciences
COLA Center for Ocean-Land-Atmosphere Studies
COMET Cooperative Program for Operational Meteorology, Education and Training
CONAE Comision Nacional De Actividades Espaciales (Argentina National Space Agency)
CONICET Center for Sea and Atmosphere Research of Argentina
COPES Coordinated Observation and Prediction of the Earth System
CORINE Coordinator of Information of the Environment
CPPA Climate Prediction Program for the Americas
COARE Coupled Ocean Atmosphere Response Experiment
COPAM Coordinated Observation and Prediction of the Asian Monsoon Climate
COSMOS Community Earth System Models
CPTEC Centro de Previsao de Tempo e Estudos Climaticos (Brazil)
CPR common pool resources
CPROF GRP Working Group on Column Profiling
CPWC Cooperative Programme on Water and Climate
CRC (National Academy of Science) Climate Research Committee
CRCM Canadian Regional Climate Model
CREST Core Research for Evolutional Science and Technology
CREWS Coral Reef Early Warning System
CrIS Cross-track Infrared Sounder
CRM Cloud Resolving Model
CRS Cloud Radar Study
CRU Climate Research Unit
CRYSYS Cryosohere System in Canada
CSA Continental-Scale Affiliate
CSD Commission on Sustainable Development
CSE Continental-Scale Experiment
CSDIC CEOP Satellite Data Integration Center
CSIRO Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization
CSRM Cloud-System Resolving Model
CSTP (Japan) Council for Science and Technology Policy
DAAC Data and Access Center
DAAC Distributed Active Archive Center (NASA)
DACOM Data Collection and Management Committee
DAO Data Assimilation Office
DDC Data Distribution Center
DDIS Distributed Data Integration System
DEM Digital Elevation Model
DEWS Drought Early Warning System
DFD-DLR The German Remote Sensing Data Center for Atmosphere and Land
DIAL Differential Absorption Lidar
DIME Data Integration for Model Evaluation
DIVERSITAS International Programme of Biodiversity Science
DKRZ Deutches Klimarechenzentrum (German Climate Computing Centre)
DM Drought Monitoring
DMWG Data Management Working Group
DMA Defense Mapping Agency
DMC Data Management Committee
DMG Data Management Group
DMSP Defense Meteorological Satellite Program
DMSS Date Management and Service System
DOD Department of Defense
DODS Distributed Oceanographic Data System
DOE Department of Energy
DOE-ARM US Department of Energy's Atmospheric Radiation Measurement (Program)
DPC Data Processing Center
DRI Drought Research Initiative
DSS Decision Support System
DVM Dynamic Vegetation Models
DWC Dialogue on Water and Climate
DWD Deutscher Wetterdienst (German Weather Service)
DX Pixel-Level
DYCOMS Dynamics and Chemistry of Marine Stratocumulus experiment
EarthCARE Earth Clouds Aerosols and Radiation Explorer (ESA)
EC European Community
ECA Economic Commission for Africa
ECE Economic Commission for Europe
ECLAC Economic Commission for Latin America
ECMWF European Centre for Medium-range Weather Forecasts
ECPC Experimental Climate Prediction Center (Scripps)
EDA Eta Data Assimilation
EDAS Eta Model Data Assimilation System
EDC EROS Data Center
EDOS Earth Data Operations System
EEA European Environmental Agency
EGPM European Global Precipitation Measurement Mission
EMEX Equatorial Mesoscale Experiment
EMC Environmental Modeling Center
EMIC Earth system Models of Intermediate Complexity
ENSO El Nino Southern Oscillation
ENVISAT ENVironmental SATellite (European Space Agency)
EO Earth Observation
EOL Earth Observing Laboratory
EOP Enhanced Observing Period
EORC Earth Observation Research Center (JAXA)
EOSDIS EOS Data and Information System
EOS Earth Observing Satellite
EOS Earth Observing Summit
EOS Earth Observing System
EPA-STORETUS Environmental Protection Agency Storage and Retrieval
ERA ECMWF (European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts) Re-Analysis
ERB Earth Radiation Budget
ERBE Earth Radiation Budget Experiment
ERBS Earth Radiation Budget Sensor
EROS Earth Resources Observation Systems
ERS Earth Remote Sensing Satellite
ESA European Space Agency
ESDIM Environmental Services Data and Information Management
ESMF Earth System Modeling Framework
ESOP Enhanced Seasonal Observation Period
ESP Extended Streamflow Prediction
ESSAC NASA Earth System Science and Applications Advisory Committee
ESSP Earth System Science Partnership
ESTAR Electronically Scanned Thinned Array Radiometer
ESTEC European Space Research and Technology Centre
ET Evapotranspiration
ETH Swiss Federal Institute of Technology
ETL NOAA's Environmental Technology Laboratory
ETM Enhanced Thematic Mapper
EUMETSAT European Organization for the Exploitation of Meteorological Satellites
EVA-GRIPS Evaporation over Grid and Pixel Scale
EWS Early Warning System
FAA Federal Aviation Administration
FAO Food and Agriculture Organization
FD Flux Datasets
FGGE First GARP (Global Atmospheric Research Program) Global Experiment
FIFE First ISLSCP Field Experiment
FIRE First International Radiation Experiment
FIRE First ISCCP Regional Experiment
FLIR Forward-Looking Infrared Imagery
FluxNet Flux Tower Network
FMCW Frequency Modulated, Continuous Wave
FNOC Fleet Numerical Oceanographic Center
FPAR Fractional of Absorbed Photosynthetically Active Radiation
FRCGC Frontier Research Center for Global Change
FRIEND Flow Regimes from International Experimental and Network Data
FSL Forecast Systems Laboratory
FTP File Transfer Protocol
fvGCM finite-volume General Circulation Model
GABLS GEWEX Atmospheric Boundary Layer Study
GACP Global Aerosol Climatology Project
GAIM IGBP Global Analysis, Interpretation, and Modelling
GAIN GAME Archive Information Network
GAME GEWEX Asian Monsoon Experiment
GAPA GEWEX Aerosol Product Assessment
GAPP GEWEX Americas Prediction Project
GARNET Global Applied Research Network
GARP Global Atmospheric Research Program
GARS Geological Applications of Remote Sensing
GATE GARP Atlantic Tropical Experiment
GATS Global Applications and Transferability Strategy
GAW Global Atmosphere Watch
GCDIS Global Change Data and Information System
GCE Goddard Cumulous Ensemble
GCIP GEWEX Continental-scale International Project
GCIS GCIP Central Information Source
GCM Global Climate Model
GCM Global Circulation Model
GCOS Global Climate Observing System
GCRP Global Change Research Program
GCSS GEWEX Cloud System Study
GCTE Global Carbon and Terrestrial Ecosystem
GCTP Global Coordinate Transformation Package
GDAP GEWEX Data and Assessment Panel
GDM GAPP (GEWEX Americas Prediction Project) Data Management
GEBA Global Energy Balance Archive
GECAFS Global Environmental Change and Food Systems
GEF Global Environmental Facility
GEMS Global Environmental Monitoring System
GEO Group on Earth Observations
GEO Geostationary Earth Orbit Satellite
GEOPROF Geometrical Profiling algorithm
GEOS Goddard Earth-Observing System
GEOSS Global Earth Observation System of Systems
GER Global Environmental Research
GERB Geostationary Earth Radiation Budget
GEST Goddard Earth Sciences and Technology
GEWEX Global Energy and Water Cycle Experiment
GFDL Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory
GHCC Global Hydrology and Climate Center
GHCN Global Historical Climatology Network
GHP GEWEX Hydrometeorology Panel
GHRC Global Hydrology Resource Center
GIAM Global Integrated Assessment Models
GIOP GAME Intensive Observation Period
GIS Geographic Information Systems
GISP GAME International Science Panel
GISS (NASA) Goddard  Institute for Space Studies
GIST GCIP Integrated Systems Test
GIWA Global International Waters Assessment
GKSS Gesellschaft fur Kernenergieverwertung in Schiffbau und Schifffahrt
GLA Goddard Laboratory for Atmosphere
GLACE Global Land Atmospheric Coupling Experiment
GLASS Global Land Atmosphere System Study
GLDAS Global Land Data Assimilation System
GLF Greenleaf Fraction
GLIS Global Land Information System
GLOBE Global Learning and Observations to Benefit the Environment
GLOCOPH Global Continental PaleoHydrology
GLORI Global Registration of Land-Ocean River Inputs
GLOWA Global Change in the Hydrological Cycle
GMAO (NASA) Global Modeling and Assimilation Office
GMES Global Monitoring for Environmental and Security
GMPP GEWEX Modeling and Prediction Panel
GMS Geostationary Meteorological Satellites
GMWL Global Metoric Water Line
GNIP Global Network of Isotopes in Precipitation
GOALS Global Ocean Atmospheric Lands Surface
GOCART Global Ozone Chemistry Aerosol Radiation Transport
GOCE Gravity filed and steady state Ocean Circulation Mission
GODAI Global Ocean Assimilation Experiment
GOES Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellite
GOES-R Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellite -
R Series
GOME Global Ozone Monitoring Experiment
GOMOS Global Ozone Monitoring by Occultation of Stars
GOOS Global Ocean Observing System
GOS Global Observation System
GOSIC Global Observing Systems Information Center
GPC Global Processing Center
GPCC Global Precipitation Climatology Centre
GPCI GCSS Pacific Cross-Section Intercomparison
GPCP Global Precipitation Climatology Project
GPM Global Precipitation Measurement satellite
GPM Global Precipitation Mission
GPS Global Positioning System
GRDC Global Runoff Data Center
GRACE Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment
GrADS Grid Analysis and Display System
GrADS-DODS GrADS-Distributed Oceanographic Data System
GRDC Global Runoff Data Center
GREDS GCIP Reference Data Set
GREEN Global Rivers Environmental Education Network
GRIB Grid point values expressed in binary form
GRID Global Resource Information Database
GRP GEWEX Radiation Panel
GSFC Goddard Space Flight Center
GSST GODAE (Global Ocean Assimilation Experiment Scientific Steering Team
GSWP Global Soil Wetness Project
GTCE Global Change and Terrestrial Ecosystems
GTN-H Global Terrestrial Network for Hydrology
GTOS Global Terrestrial Observing System
GTS Global Telecommunication System
GVaP Global Water Vapor Project
GVI Global Vegetation Index
GWC Global Water Cycle
GWCP Global Water Cycle Program
GWEBS Global Water and Energy Budget Study
GWEC Global Water and Energy Cycle
GWP Global Water Partnership
GWS Global Water System
GWSP Global Water System Project
GWVP Global Water Vapor Project
HAP Hydrologic Applications Project
HAPEX-Sahel Hydrological-Atmospheric Pilot Experiment in the Sahel
HDF Hierarchical Data Format
HELP Hydrology for the Environment, Life and Policy
HEPEX Hydrological Ensemble Prediction Experiment
HH Horizontal Send-Horizontal Receive
HIRS High Resolution Infrared Radiation Sounder
HOAPS Hamburg Ocean Atmosphere Parameters and fluxes from Satellite data
HOPC Hydrology Observation Panel for Climate
HPCN High Plains Climate Network
HPRFCC High Plains Regional Climate Center
HQC Horizontal Quality Control
HRLDAS High-Resolution Land Data-Assimilation System
HRPT High Resolution Picture Transmission
HSB Humidity Sounder for Brasil
HWR (WMO) Hydrology and Water Resources Department
HYDROS Hydrosphere State Mission
IA Index of Agreement
IAEA International Atomic Energy Agency
IAEH International Association for Environmental Hydrology
IAH International Association of Hydrogeologists
IAHR International Association of Hydraulic Engineering and Research
IAHS International Association of Hydrological Sciences
IAI Inter-Americas Institute
IAMAS International Association of Meteorology and Atmospheric Sciences
IASWS International Association for Sediment Water Science
ICARUS Interagency Climate-Aerosol Radiative Uncertainties and Sensitivities Programme
ICC Inter-Comparison Centre
ICCE International Commission on Erosion
ICCLAS International Commission on Coupled Land-Atmosphere System
ICCORES International Coordinating Committee on Reservoir Sedimentation
ICESat Ice, Clouds, and land Elevation Satellite
ICHARM International Centre for Water Hazard and Risk Management (Japan) program
ICGW International Commission on Ground Water
ICID International Commission on Irrigation and Drainage
ICOLD International Commission on Large Dams
ICPO International CLIVAR Project Office
ICRCCM Intercomparison of Radiation Codes used in Climate Models
ICRS International Commission on Remote Sensing
ICSI International Commission on Snow and Ice
ICTS Inter-Continental-Scale Experiment (CSE) Transferability Study
ICSU International Council of Scientific Unions
ICSW International Commission on Surface Water
ICT International Commission on Tracers
ICTP International Center for Theoretical Physics
ICTS Inter-CSE Transferability Study
ICWLC International Liquid Water Content
ICWQ International Commission on Water Quality
ICWRS International Commission on Water Resources Systems
IEOS Integrated Earth Observation System
IERE Institute for Environmental Research and Education
IETC International Technology Center
IFC Intensive Field Campaign
IFO Intensive Field Observation
IGAC International Global Atmospheric Chemistry
IGACO Intergrated Global Atmospheric Chemistry Observations
IGARS International Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium
IGBP International Geosphere-Biosphere Programme
IGBP-DIS IGBP Data and Information System
IGOS-P Integrated Global Observing Strategy – Partners
IGPO International GEWEX Project Office
IGRAC International Groundwater Resources Assessment Center
IGWCO Integrated Global Water Cycle Observations
IGWMC International Ground Water Modelling Center
IH Institute of Hydrology
IHD International Hydrological Decade
IHDP International Human Dimensions Programme on Global Environmental Change
IHP International Hydrology Programme (UNESCO)
IIS Institute for Industrial Studies
iLEAPS Integrated Land Ecosystem-Atmospheric Processes Study
ILSS Isotope-Enabled Land-Surface Schemes
IMH Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology (Mongolia)
IMOP Intensive Model Output Period
INBO International Network of Basin Organizations
INCA Interhemispheric Differences in Cirrus Properties from Anthropogenic Emissions
INFORSE International Network for Sustainable Energy
INPE Instituto Nacional de Pesquisas Espaciais (Brazil)
INQUA International Union for Quarternary Research
INSU Institut National des Sciences de l'Univers
INWEH International Network on Water, Environment, and Health
INWRDAM Inter-Islamic Network on Water Resources Development and Management
IOC International Oceanographic Commission
IOH Institute of Hydrology
IOP Intensive Observing Period
IOP Intensive Operation Period
IORGC Institute of Observational Research for Global Change
IPAR Interceptual Photosynthetically Active Radiation
IPCC (WMO/UNEP) Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change
iPilps Isotopes in PILPS
IPO International Project Office
IPSL Istitut Pierre Simon Laplace
IPWG International Precipitation Working Group
IPY International Polar Year
IR Infrared
IRE-CPSSI IRE RAS Center of Processing and Storing Space Information (Russia)
IRI Interdisciplinary Research Initiative
IRI International Research Institute
IRN International Rivers Network
IRTCES International Research and Training Center on Erosion and Sedimentation
ISA Intermediate Scale Area
ISA-MEIDA Israel Space Agency-Middle East Interactive Data Archive
ISARM Internationally Shared (Transboundary) Aquifer Resources Management
ISCCP International Satellite Cloud Climatology Project
ISDR International Strategy for Disaster Reduction
ISEA Icosahedral Snyder Equal Area
ISLSCP International Satellite Land-Surface Climatology Project
ISMWG International Soil Moisture Working Group
ISO International Organization for Standardization
ISSC International Social Science Council
ITCZ Inter-Tropical Convergence Zone
ITWG International TIROS Operational Vertical Sounder Working Group
IUCN The World Conservation Union
IUGG International Union of Geodesy and Geophysics
IWA International Water Association
IWE Institute for Water Education
IWG Interagency Working Group
IWHA International Water History Association
IW-LEARN International Waters Learning Exchange and Resource Network
IWMI International Water Management Institute
IWRA International Water Resources Association
IWRM Integrated Water Resources Management
JAMSTEC Japan Marine Science and Technology Center
JAXA Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency
JCC Joint Coordination Committee
JERS Japanese Earth Resources Satellite
JGOFS Joint Global Ocean Flux Study
JIIHP Joint International Isotopes in Hydrology Program
JMA Japanese Meteorological Agency
JMP Joint Monitoring Programme
JOSS Joint Office for Scientific Support
JPL Jet Propulsion Laboratory
JPS Joint Planning Staff (for WCRP)
JRA Japanese Reanalysis Agency
JSC WMO/ICSU/IOC Joint Scientific Committee (for WCRP)
JST Japan Science and Technology Corporation
KORMEX Korean Monsoon Experiment
LAI Leaf Area Index
Lake-ICE Lake Induced Convection and Evaporation
LAM Limited Area Models
LANDSAT Land (Remote Sensing) Satellite
LAPS Local Analysis Prediction System
LaRC Langley Research Center (NASA)
LAS Live Access Server
LBA Large-scale Biosphere Atmosphere Experiment in Amazonia
LDAS Land Data Assimilation Scheme
LEAF Land-Ecosystem-Atmosphere Feedback
LEO Low Earth Orbit
LES Large Eddy Simulation
LIS Land Information System
LLNL Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
LMD Laboratoire de Meteorologie Dynamique du Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique
LoCo Local Coupled Project
LOICZ Land Ocean Interactions in the Coastal Zone
LOP Long-Term Observing Period
LPB La Plata Basin
LRM Low Resolution Mode
LSA Large-Scale Area
LSA-E Large Scale Area – East
LSA-NC Large Scale Area – North Central
LSA-NW Large Scale Area – North West
LSA-SW Large Scale Area – South West
LSM Land Surface Models
LSP Land Surface Parameterization
LSPM Land Surface Process Model
LSS Land Surface Schemes
LTER Long Term Ecological Research
LUCC Land Use and Land Cover Change
LUCID Land-Use and Climate IDentification of Robust Impacts
LW Long Wave
LWD Long Wave Downward Radiation
MAGS Mackenzie GEWEX Study
MAHASRI Monsoon Asian Hydro-Atmospheric Science Research and prediction Initiative
MAIRS Monsoon Asia Integrated Regional Study
MAP Mesoscale Alpine Program
MAPS Mesoscale Analysis and Prediction Systems
McICA Monte Carlo Independent Column Approximation
MDB Murray-Darling Basin Water Budget Project
MDG Millenium Development Goal
MDG Model and Data Group
MEA Multilateral Environmental Agreement
MERIS Medium-Resolution Imaging Spectrometer
MERRA Modern Era Retrospective-analysis for Research and Applications
METEOSAT Meteorological Satellite (European Operational System)
METOP ESA Operational Meteorological Satellite Series
MEWIN Middle East Water Information Network
MEXT Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (Japan)
MFC Moisture Flux Convergence
MHS Microwave Humidity Sounder
MIP Model Intercomparison Project
MIPAS Michelson Inferometer for Passive Atmospheric Sounding
MIMR Multifrequency Imaging Microwave Sounder
MIRAS Microwave Imaging Radiometer using Aperture Synthesis
MISR Multi-angle Imaging SpectroRadiometer
MISR Multi-angle Infrared Scanning Radiometer
MJO Madden-Julian Oscillation
MMA Multi-Model Analysis
MMF Multi-Scale Modeling Framework
MODIS Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer
MOLTS Model Output Location Time Series
MOPEX Model Parameter Estimation Experiment
MOPITT Measurements Of Pollution In The Troposphere
MORDS Model Output Reduced Data Set
MOS Model Output Statistics
MOZAIC Measurement of Ozone from Airbus in-Service Aircraft
MP Monsoon Panel
MPACE Mixed-Phase Arctic Cloud Experiment
MPI Max-Planck Institute
MPI-M Max-Planck Institute for Meteorology
MRB Mackenzie River Basin
MRF Medium-Range Forecast
MSFC Marshal Space Flight Center
MSG METEOSAT Second Generation
MSS Multi-Spectral Scanner
MSU Microwave Sounding Unit
MWR MicroWave Radiometer
NAME North American Monsoon Experiment
NAMHEM National Agency for Meteorology, Hydrology, and Environmental Monitoring
NAMMA NASA-AMMA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration African Monsoon Multidisciplinary Analysis) project
NAO North Atlantic Oscillation
NASA National Aeronautics and Space Administration
NASDA National Space Development Agency of Japan
NASS National Agricultural Statistics Service
NATSGO National Soil Geographic Database
NAWDEX National Water Data Exchange
NCAR National Center for Atmospheric Research
NCDC National Climatic Data Center
NCEP National Centers for Environmental Prediction
NCGIA National Center for Geographic Information and Analysis
NCSS National Cooperative Soil Survey
NDVI Normalized Difference Vegetation Index
NEE Net Ecosystem Exchange
NEESPI Northern Eurasian Earth Science Partnership Initiative
NEG Numerical Experimentation Group
NERC Natural Environment Research Council
NESDIS National Environmental Satellite Data and Information Service
NetCDF Network Common Data Format
NEWS NASA Energy and Water Cycle Study
NEXRAD Next Generation Weather Radar
NGDC National Geophysical Data Center
NGM Nested Grid Model
NHS National Hydrologic Services
NIDS NEXRAD Information Dissemination Service
NIES National Institute for Environmental Studies
NIP Normal Incidence Pyrheliometer
NLDAS National Land Data Assimilation System
NLDAS North American Land Data Assimilation System
NMC National Meteorological Center
NOAA National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
NODC National Oceanographic Data Center
NPN NOAA Profiler Network
NPOESS National Polar-orbiting Operational Environmental Satellite System
NPP Net Primary Production
NPP NOPESS Preparatory Project
NRA NASA Research Announcement
NRC National Research Council
NRC/CRC National Research Council/Climate Research Committee
NRCS National Resources Conservation Service
NRCT National Research Council of Thailand
NREL National Renewable Energy Laboratory
NRL Naval Research Laboratory
NRT Near Real Time
NSCAT NASA Scatterometer
NSDIC National Snow and Ice Data Center
NSE Nash-Sutcliffe Efficiency
NSERC Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council (Canada)
NSF National Science Foundation
NSIDC National Snow and Ice Data Center
NSIPP NASA's Seasonal-to-Interannual Prediction Project
NSL National Sedimentation Laboratory
NSSFC National Severe Storms Forecast Center
NSSL National Severe Storms Laboratory
NVaP National Water Vapor Project
NWIS National Water Information System
NWP Numerical Weather Prediction
NWS National Weather Service
NWSFRS National Weather Service River Forecast System
OES NASA Office of Earth Science
OGC Open Geospatial Consortium
OGP Office of Global Programs
OH Office of Hydrology
OOPC Ocean Observations Panel for Climate
OPeNDAP Open-source Project for a Network Data Access Protocol
ORNL Oak Ridge National Laboratory
ORNL-DAAC Oak Ridge National Laboratory-Distributed Active Archive Center
OSTP Office of Science and Technology Policy
PACS Pan American Climate Studies
PAGES Past Global Changes
PAH Parametric Aromatic Hydrocarbons
PALSAR Phased Array type L-band Synthetic Aperture Radar
PAR Photosynthetically Active Radiation
PARASOL Polarization and Anisotropy of Reflectances for Atmospheric Sciences Coupled with Obersations from a Lidar
PATMOS Pathfinder-Atmosphere
PBL Planetary Boundary Layer
PCA Principal Component Analysis
PCMDI Program for Climate Model Diagnosis and Intercomparison
PE Parameterization Estimation
PERSIANN Precipitation Estimation from Remotely Sensed Information using Artificial Neural Networks
PFT Plant Functional Type
PI Principal Investigator
PILPS Project for the Intercomparison of Land-Surface Parameterization Schemes
PIR Precision Infrared Radiometer
PIRCS Project to Intercompare Regional Climate Situations
POC Point of Contact
POES Polar Orbiting Environmental Satellite
POLDER POLarization and Directionality of the Earth's Reflectances
POLINAT Pollution from Aircraft Emissions in the North Atlantic Flight Cooridor
PPT Precipitation
PR Precipitation Radar
PRR Profiling Reflectance Radiometer
PRAC Principal Research Area
PREC Precipitation Reconstruction
PREC/L Precipitation Reconstruction over Land
PRISM Precipitation-development Regressions on Independent Slopes
PRISM Panchromatic Remote sensing Instrument for Stereo Mapping
PRMS Precipitation-Runoff Modelling System
PROFS Program for Regional Observing and Forecasting Services
PRYSM Power and Reservoir Model
PSC Polar Stratopheric Cloud
PUB Project for Ungauged Basins
QPF Quantitative Precipitation Forecast
Quickscat Quick Scatterometer
R2 Correlation Coefficient Squared
RA Radar Altimeter
RAISE Rangelands Atmosphere-Hydrosphere-Biosphere Interaction Study Experiment
RAMS Regional Area Modeling System
RASS Radio Atmospheric Sounding System
Radarsat Radar Satellite
RadFlux Radiative Fluxes
RCM Regional Climate Model
REMO Regionales Models
RETs Renewable Energy Technologies
RFA Radiative Flux Assessment
RFC River Forecast Center
RH Relative Humidity
RHi Relative Humidity Index
RHP Regional Hydroclimate Project
RICE Regional Interactions of Climate and Ecosystems
RICO Rain In Cumulus over the Ocean
RISOP Rapid Interval Scan Operations Plan
RLIWG River and Lake Ice Working Group
RMSE Root Mean Square Error
ROI Radius of Influence
RPCA Related Principal Components Analysis
RRC Regional Research Center
RRN Regional Research Network
RRS Regional Research Site
RTD Research and Technology Development
RTNEPH Real Time Nephanalysis
SAA Satellite Active Archive (NOAA)
SAGE Stratospheric Aerosols and Gas Experiment
SAHRA Sustainability of semi-Arid Hydrology and Riparian Areas
SAL Saharan Air Layer
SALLJEX South American Low Level Jet Experiment
SALSA Semi-Arid Land-Surface-Atmosphere Program
SAR Synthetic Aperture Radar
SAS Simplified Arakawa Schubert scheme
SAST Snow-Atmosphere-Soil Transfer Scheme
SBLs Stable Boundary Layers
SBUV Solar Backscattered Ultraviolet System
SCAN Soil Climate Analysis Network
ScaRaB Scanner for Radiation Budget
SCAR-B Smoke Clouds Aerosol and Radiation-Brazil Experiment
SCAT Scatterometer
SCM Single Column Model
SCOPE Scientific Committee on Problems of the Environment
SCOR Scientific Committee on Oceanic Research
SCOUT Stratospheric-Climate Links with Emphasis on the UTLS (Upper Troposphere Lower Stratosphere)
SCOWAR Scientific Committee on Water Resources
SCPM Soil Carbon Pool Module
SCS Soil Conservation Service
SDNP Sustainable Development Networking Programme
SDPS Surface Deformation Prediction System
SDSM Satellite Data Source Module
SDT Sahelian Dust Transect
SeaBASS SeaWiFS Bio-Optical Archive and Storage System
SeaWiFS Sea-viewing Wide Field-of-view Sensor
SEBAL Surface Energy Balance Algorithm for Land
SEI Stockholm Environmental Institute
SEUS Snow Water Estimations and Updating System
SEVIRI Spinning Enhanced Visible and InfraRed Imager
SGCR Subcommittee on Global Change Research
SGP Southern Great Plains
SH Sensible Heat flux
SiB Simple Biosphere Model
SIDA Swedish International Development Agency
SIDS Small Island Developing States
SIL Societas Internationalis Limnologiae
SIMBIOS Sensor Intercomparison and Merger for Biological and Interdisciplinary Oceanic Studies
SIPS Science Investigator-led Processing System
SIR Shuttle Imaging Radar
SIRAL SAR Interferometric Rada Altimeter
SISP Science and Implementation Steering Group (LPB)
SIT (Committee on Earth Sciences) Strategic Implementation Team
SLP Sea Level Pressure
SMA Soil Moisture Accounting
SMHI Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute
SMMR Scanning Multichannel Microwave Radiometer
SMOS Soil Moisture and Ocean Salinity Mission
SMOS Surface Meteorological Observation Station
SNOTEL SNOpack TELemetry observations
SNOWMIP SNOW Models Inter-comparison Project
SNR Signal-to-Noise Ratio
SOBS Surface Observations cloud data set
SOI Southern Oscillation Index
SOLAS Surface Ocean-Lower Atmosphere Study
SONEX NOx Experiment
SOP Special Observing Period
SORCE Solar Radiation and Climate Experiment
SOWER Soundings of Ozone and Water Vapor in Equatorial Pacific
SPARC Stratospheric Processes And their Role in Climate
SPOT Systeme Pour d’Observation de la Terre
SRB Surface Radiation Budget
SRF Surface Radiative Fluxes
SRTM Shuttle Radar Topography Mission
SSA Small Scale Area
SSB Space Studies Board (NRC)
SSC Science Steering Committee
SSE Surface meteorology and Solar Energy (NASA) project
SSEC Space Science and Engineering Center
SSG Scientific Steering Group
SSiB Simplified Simple Biosphere
SSM/I Special Sensor Microwave Imager
SSM/T Special Sensor
SST Sea Surface Temperature
SSTA Sea Surface Temperature Anomoly
SSU Stratospheric Sounding Unit
SSURGO Soil Survey Geographic Database
START SysTem for Analysis, Research and Training
STATSGO State Soil Geographic Database
STC Science and Technology Corporation
STORMFEST Storm-Scale Operational and Research Meteorology-Fronts
STORM-WAVE STORM Weather-data Assimilation and Verification Experiment
SUAG Senior Users Advisory Group
SUCCESS Subsonic Aircraft Contrail and Cloud Effects Special Study
SURFRAD Surface Radiation Monitoring Network
SVAT Soil Vegetation Atmosphere Transfer
SVD Singular Value Decomposition
SVIWG Snow-Vegetation Interactions Working Group
SW Short Wave
SWE Snow Water Equivalent
SWI Soil Wetness Index
SWI Stable Water Isotopes
SWING Stable Water Isotope Inter-comparison Group
SWWG Surface Water Working Group
TBRG Tipping Bucket Rain Gauge
TDAs Tactical Decision Aids
TFSP Task Force on Seasonal Prediction
THORPEX THe Observing System Research and Predictability Experiment
THREDDS Thematic Real-time Environmental Distributed Data Services
TIGER Terrestrial Initiative in Global Environment Research
TIGGE THORPEX Interactive Grand Global Ensemble Project
TIMS Thermal Imaging Spectrometer
TIROS Television and Infrared Observation Satellite
TKE Turbulent Kinetic Energy scheme
TOA Top-Of-Atmosphere
TOGA Tropical Ocean Global Atmosphere
TOGA-COARE Tropical Ocean Global Atmosphere-Coupled Ocean Atmospheric
TOMS Total Ozone Mapping Spectrometer
TOPC Terrestrial Observation Panel for Climate
TOVS TIROS Operational Veritcal Sounder
TOPEX The Ocean Topography/Satellite Altimeter Experiment
TOVS TIROS Operational Vertical Sounder
TM Thematic Mapper
TReSS Transportable Remote Sensing Station
TRMM Tropical Rainfall Measuring Mission
TSI Total Solar Irradiance
TTL Tropical Tropopause Layer
TWG Transferability Working Group
UAV Unmanned Aerospace Vehicles
UCAR University Corporation for Atmospheric Research
UCLA University of California, Los Angeles
UCOWR University Council on Water Resources
UHF Ultra High Frequency
UMBC University of Maryland, Baltimore County
UN United Nations
UNDP United Nations Development Programme
UN ECE United Nations Economic Commission for Europe
UNEP United Nations Environmental Programme
UNCDD United Nations Convention on the Combat of Desertification
UNEP United Nations Environmental Programme
UNESCO United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization
UNFCCC United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change
UNICEF United Nations International Children's Fund
UNU United Nations University
USACE US Army Corp of Engineers
USAF United States Air Force
USDA United States Department of Agriculture
USEPA United States Environmental Protection Agency
USGCRP United States Global Change Research Program
USGS United States Geological Survey
USGS-NAWQA United States Geological Survey-National Water Quality Archive
USRA Universities Space Research Association
USU Utah State University
USWRP United States Weather Research Program
UT Upper Troposphere
UTC Universal Time Coordinated
UTLS Upper Troposphere Lower Stratosphere
UV Ultraviolet
UZFW Upper Zone Free Water
VAMOS Variablity of the American Monsoon System
VAS VISSR Atmospheric Sounder
VASClimo Variability Analysis of Surface Climate Observations
VGM Vegetation Growth Module
VHF Very High Frequency
VIC Variable Infiltration Capacity
VIIRS Visible/Infrared Imager Radiometer Suite
VIL Vertically Integrated Liquid Water
VIRS Visible Infrared Imager/Radiometer Suite
VISSR Visible and Infrared Spin-Scan Radiometer
VOCALS VAMOS (Variablity of the American Monsoon System) Ocean-Cloud-Atmosphere-Land Study
VSMOW Vienna Mean Ocean Water
WALES Water Vapor and Lidar Experiment in Space
WAM West African Monsoon
WAMME WAM Model Evaluation
WAMP West African Monsoon Project
WARFS Water Resources Forecasting System
WARM Illinois Water and Atmospheric Resources Monitoring Network
WatER Water Elevation Recovery mission
WCMC World Conservation Modeling Center
WCP World Climate Programme
WCRP World Climate Research Programme
WDCC World Data Center for Climate
WEAP Water Evaluation and Assessment Planning
WEBS Water and Energy Budget Synthesis
WEDC Water Engineering and Development Center
WESP Water and Energy Budget Simluation and Prediction
WET-AMC Wet Season Atmospheric Mesoscale Campaign
WG Working Group
WGCAP Working Groun on Clouds, Aerosols Profiling
WGCM JSC/CLIVAR Working Group on Coupled Modeling
WGDM Working Group on Data Management
WGDMA Working Group on Data Management and Analysis
WGISS Working Group on Information Systems and Services
WGMS World Glacier Monitoring Service
WGNE WMO (CAS)/JSC Working Group on Numerical Experimentation
WGOA Working Group on Observations and Assimilation
WGPRN Working Group on Precipitation Radar Networks
WGSF JSC Working Group on Surface Fluxes
WGSIP CLIVAR Working Groupn on Seasonal-interannual Prediction
WGSM Working Group on Satellite Matters
WHO World Health Organization
WHYCOS World Hydrological Cycle Observing System
WISE Worldwide Integrated Study of Extremes
WMO World Meteorological Organization
WMP WCRP Modelling Panel
WOAP WCRP Observation and Assimilation Panel
WOW Water on the Web
WOCE World Ocean Circulation Experiment
WPDN Wind Profiler Demonstration Network
WRAP Water Resources Applications Project
WRF Weather Research Foundation
WRI Water Resources Institute
WRR World Resources Report
WSHP Water, Sanitation, and Health Program
WSI Weather Services International
WSR-88D Weather Service Radar 88-Doppler (formerly NEXRAD)
WSSD World Summit on Sustainable Development
WTF-CEOP WGISS Test Facility for CEOP (Coordinated Energy and Water Cycle Observation Project)
WVSS Water Vapor Sensing System
WWAP World Water Assessment Programme
WWC World Water Council
WWDR World Water Development Report
WWF World Water Forum
WWF World Wildlife Fund for Nature
WWRP World Weather Research Program
WHYCOS World Hydrological Cycle Observing System
WWW World Weather Watch
YOTC Year of Tropical Convection